Oreo’s New Princess Peach Cookies Are Covered in Rainbow Sprinkles

Gold coins may be all the rage in the Mushroom Kingdom, but we stayed powered up with Oreo and Nintendo’s limited-edition Super Mario cookies this summer instead. Inspired by the “Super Mario” movie, as well as the classic video game, the Double Stuf Creme Oreos, which hit shelves on July 10, featured callbacks to some of the game company’s most iconic characters, including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, and Bowser. Now, Oreo is introducing a new pack of cookies inspired by Princess Peach.

In addition to fan-favorite characters, the original Super Mario cookies were embossed with Power-Ups and Super Stars. Not each pack of Oreos contained all 16 cookies, though: Princess Peach — who recently received her own video-game announcement — was notably missing entirely from the collection, and Bowser was the rarest character to find, hinting that there was trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom.

For anyone lucky unlucky enough to come across a Bowser cookie, Nintendo also issued an official challenge — kind of like a real-life minigame: on the rim of a glass of milk, stack as many hero cookies (Mario, Luigi, etc.) as possible on top of a Bowser cookie until he’s defeated (or, rather, falls in the milk). Hundreds of fans recorded Bowser’s “defeat” and shared the moments on social media with #SuperMarioOREO.

Now that Bowser has been defeated, Princess Peach is back with an entire cookie collection of her own. On Aug. 16, Oreo revealed a sweepstakes inspired by Princess Peach. Whether you participated in the Bowser challenge or not, fans can enter the sweepstakes on the Oreo website for a chance to win one of 5,000 limited-edition Princess Peach x OREOiD packs. The packs contain Oreos covered in white fudge, sprinkles, and four Princess Peach-inspired designs. To enter the sweepstakes, fans living in the US and Puerto Rico who are 18 or older may enter their name and birthday once per day to submit an entry. All entries submitted through Aug. 23 will be counted, and 5,000 winners will be contacted via email on Aug. 24.

While we may never agree on the correct way to eat an Oreo, we’ll happily get in on the quest to find Princess Peach — especially if it involves snacking on cookies all day. Take a sneak peek at the new Princess Peach cookies ahead.

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